Tessa grew up in Perth, Western Australia, but currently she is living in Denmark, WA where she is raising her children and enjoying the fresh air. Since 2006 Tessa has been exhibiting her work professionally in galleries and film festivals throughout Australia plus managing her fashion label 'Plonk'. Her creativity combines fine arts, performance, film and fashion to produce her unique style.

Tessa enjoys surrounding herself with new cultures and has spent much of her adult years travelling overseas. Her artworks read like narratives, telling tales about her own experiences and passion for the environment. Antique items often work as a motif, woven into her work as a world of whimsy is conjured up. Tessa is particularly interested in all things hand- made and sustainable in a time when most items around us are mass- produced. As a result of this she often uses distressed or recycled materials to make her work. 

When Tessa is not busy perfecting her practice she enjoys teaching art and visiting the beach with her family and animal friends.